Kaizen Coin

Hi Jason, Tell us a little about Kaizen Coin.

Kaizen Coin is a ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Like a few coins before it, it is an investment vehicle in that the money invested during the crowdsale will be used to invest in other coins on the market and some off the market.

Interesting. So it is basically like what a mutual fund is to stocks?

Yes and no. Kaizen Coin is a CEF, a Close-End Fund meaning that once the tokens are sold, no new ones will be issued. As Kaizen grows in value, so will the dividends being issued.

Dividends? Tell me more.

There is also a dividend aspect to Kaizen Coin. Every quarter, the coin will issue a dividend based on profits made. As long as you have a wallet that can receive Ethereum, you will receive the dividend. The great thing about Kaizen Coin and what sets it apart from other tokens is the low fees. Other fund coins charge up to 50%. We only charge 5%. The savings go back to the coin and paid out as dividends.

That's fantastic! How do you prevent others from duplicating your coin?

Duplication would be the greatest form of flattery. We actually hope that more and more coins lower their fee structures, how much money they are requesting, etc. I saw a ICO not to long ago that said in the whitepaper they needed $1 million but they capped the ICO at $50 million. So why do they need another $49 million?

Is this why you are asking for so little during the investment period?

That is part of the reason. We priced the sellout at around $5 million. ICO and investment standards, that is very little money. But we are looking at down the road. We already manage funds for several whales and once the accounts hits around $20 million, it becomes difficult where to invest. Everything you do starts disrupting markets and you begin competing with yourself to get in at a low price on a hot altcoin. This is also the same when you try to sell. You unintentionally can crash a market. So we try to keep the fund sizes low.

What investment tolerance will this coin be set at?

This is a balanced coin in that we will keep it at a 60/40 split between proven coins and some newer high potential coins.

Can't anyone invest in those same coins?

Of course they can. What we offer is a way for people to throw some money into something, sit back and relax. They don't have to deal with the news, the hype, the volatility that comes with trading in this evolving marketplace. We handle everything. We have a team of professionals that watch markets, keep up with news, even talk to developers. We know what kinds of roadblocks and issues might be coming down the road. We feel this gives us an edge and our track record proves it.

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