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Tryvium is a modern platform for booking hotels, apartments, B&B, and other
The technology incorporates the use of blockchain along with smart contracts systems to deliver real-world solutions to the industry challenges.
Using Tryvium infrastructure, users can purchase tokens to make transactions and make reservations at the platform.
The assets management can be done through a multi-currency systems entertaining different economic models; both crypto and fiat currencies.
The market penetration will begin from Europe where the users of the platform will make most contribution and product feedbacks.
The service will encourage users to use and support other users of the platform. The platform enables better user-experience, well-developed travel plans, lower intermediary charges, and enhanced reliability.
The platform eliminated redundant mediators hence giving low transactions and service costs. The service charges are merely 8% whereas the industry giants usually charge up to 30% of the total sales. This means Tryvium will be able to deliver better services to the users for reasonable prices.
The platform is soon set to launch the Trivium Gift Experience along with the several different services.

The Gift Experience will enable you to gift your loved ones the pleasure to choose their favorite destination. It will be offering them hand-picked experiences all across Europe.
Tryvium infrastructure will deliver a decentralized network to create a cost-effective booking platform where both small-scale hotel owners and corporate giants can come ahead and create new business and tourism opportunities.

1. Roberto Lista: Co-Founder / CEO
Picture URL: 00/0?e=1548288000&v=beta&t=cH6S9ejZKn2oH96jqKo18k18GuL3Ux76X_5rlsLIRKk
LinkedIn URL: ​​
2. Luca Pagliaro: Co-Founder / COO Marketing
Picture URL: 00/0?e=1548288000&v=beta&t=6Z96_rLTNGCjLezKwN_bBX62RsqKNx6DFp1dgY-vKnA
LinkedIn URL: ​​
3. Alessandro Sanino: Co-Founder / CTO Blockchain Architect Picture URL: 00/0?e=1548288000&v=beta&t=IBbPbt_IPKHbL4vYd9kul0AyV8QH_O7oao34Z1llet4
LinkedIn URL: ​​
4. Roberto Battenti: UX/UI Developer
Picture URL: 00/0?e=1548288000&v=beta&t=Da1RqchGVc8nU3v6bifjFM5MgmkqevKJnwBfCncKCEs
LinkedIn URL: ​​
5. Pawel Sas: Hotel Support Specialist
Picture URL: 00/0?e=1548288000&v=beta&t=h5crk2j5X39z7QIHku5YrqO4tAPD6xRbtV_Sn6BxQmU
LinkedIn URL: ​​
6. Lidia Velichkyna: Russian Market Specialist
Picture URL: 800/0?e=1548288000&v=beta&t=VQPFxjLTcM08mRTq18w2EZSzZhhkbJGK45IWxHj3hOU
LinkedIn URL: ​​
7. Saket Kumar Singh: Digital Content Specialist
Picture URL: 00/0?e=1548288000&v=beta&t=f_SaItAN_e9htPQ6GsCq3A0KZRk7Yr0LsbupCDPXBJY
LinkedIn URL: ​​ ➔ The advisors:
1. Giacomo Arcaro: Advisor
Picture URL: 0/0?e=1548288000&v=beta&t=lbYPlWVLP4qTLyzzuFPQneBWcTXuxWmNU0E2mnjRvro
LinkedIn URL: ​​

2. Giovanni Casagrande: Advisor
Picture URL: 00/0?e=1548288000&v=beta&t=uBsX2OgdZLEHKtBwmfCjDzEScQvRMqdILd8Xc7Psw3I
LinkedIn URL: ​​
3. Eloisa Marchesoni: Advisor
Picture URL: 0_800/0?e=1548288000&v=beta&t=Jp3exoY3ZPJW_k9ZT7hrn44CsQ4DljPoZKuTm6vhV4k
LinkedIn URL: ​​
4. Hugo Jacques: Advisor
Picture URL: 00/0?e=1548288000&v=beta&t=nO_9FpNYRL0iXl_LQTfyjRerQqoS1X5jPRYy8a0fz9c
LinkedIn URL: ​​

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