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GG World Lottery aims at becoming the first global government-regulated lottery built on blockchain transparency.

Signed government licenses in 17 countries to organize national online lottery.

True Random Number Generator system based on quantum physics and connected to blockchain to provide draws fairness and transparency.

Mark Hutchinson

CEO and President of GG International Ltd, Gaming Solutions International and Goodson Gaming LLC. Mark is a 35-year veteran of the global lottery industry and one of the world's leading experts in emerging markets. He was Director of the Kansas Lottery, and a founding member of the Lotto America start up (Powerball, the world's largest lottery game).

Wojciech Łysak

GG International Founder and expert in international solutions with over fifteen years' experience in online gaming entertainment and online marketing. Wojciech is well-known in the gaming industry and a frequent presence at many gaming conferences. He is also expert in B2B relationships and connections, and has vast experience in multiple successful start-ups.

Tomasz Kłapsia

Thirteen years of experience in all aspects of technical development in the internet and gaming industries. He is GG's CTO, project manager and lead developer of WhiteLotto software. Tomasz has extensive experience in developing blockchain applications, mobile applications, and video games.

Daniel Dworak

Specializes in web-based computer visualization and data transmission improvement (retrieval, storage and compression). Since 2013 he has been working on his doctoral thesis at the Łódz University of Technology. His PhD concerns the compression of large computer graphics data sets for interactive internet applications.

Damian Potyralski

With 5 years of commercial experience in software development, Damian is a passionate software engineer. He has developed many different kinds of software, mainly in the e-commerce industry, and has recently been exploring microservices and cloud technologies. He is a fan of static typed languages, clean code and pragmatic solutions. In addition he is a mobile applications developer.

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