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CNOTE is a new incentive program which will allow content consumers to earn CNOTE tokens to hold for future appreciation or spend in a variety of ways. There will be four types of consumers 1) Readers/Writers 2) Publishers who wish to have their blogs enabled to provide the same loyalty incentive, will also benefit from the increased traffic 3) Performers. Artists, Bands will also receive benefits and be given a fair price for any of their music and 4) record labels and concert promoters.

In a nutshell there are roughly 15 -20 approaches and ideas for providing value which will be culled down to 5- 10. This token has endless possibility and high disruption potential. Fasten your seat belts, we are about tip current economic models upside down create a content based marketplace, merchandising and traffic models.

The airdrop has begun. Simply register at and CNOTES will be deposited to your account ready for withdrawl or cash out.

Share your unique link so others can get CNOTE and receive a bounty for each person that registers.

Token Info:
Name: CNote
Symbol: CNOTE
Smart Contract: 0x07551a0625C9CC7306DfE3569D818562c6780C4A
Decimals: 8

Why is CNOTE unique?
CNOTE Media Group LLC works to promote bands, music videos, tours, music websites. Bands and labels buy CNOTEs from us and offer them as an incentive to fans for various tasks like watch a music video, comment or review and album, etc. Website blogs can offer CNOTES to fans for commenting, visiting webpages, etc. Each time a content creator (band, site, label) buys CNOTES, we buy back a portion from the market at market rates. This will help keep the CNOTE token price stable as we will be using CNOTE tokens in our everyday business from concerts to merchandise sales. Signup now at

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