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Worldopo Token

The main mission of Worldopo is to introduce the world with blockchain technology and give players the opportunity to learn how the crypto currency works in a safe environment, with the ability to earn real money while playing.
For the gaming industry, thanks to the blockchain technology, we want to solve several problems: lost player time, lack of game assets and security.
With tokenization and the game token economy, we create an opportunity for the player to convert he's experience and game assets into tangible value. But despite all the technical complexity, we create a game that is accessible and understandable to every player.

Jura Hölzel
Chief Operating Directorölzel-411a7356/

Sergey Sergeenko
Chief Technology Officer

Sebastian Schneider
Chief Executive Officer

Felix Weinstein
Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Sencilo
Creative Director

Marin Diaconu
Senior Fullstack Developer

Oleg Zaitev
Senior Frontend Developer

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