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GGPro is a blockchain platform that creates new opportunities for interaction between the gaming community, sponsors and game developers

Unique game monetization system
Steam platform integration allows gamers to earn money while playing popular games

Unique Player2Player promotion system
This innovative solution by GGPro team allows sponsors and developers of any level to get effective promotion of their products. The method is based on the players promoting the product among themselves

Implemented MVP
Our already-implemented MVP supports monetization in Dota 2, CS:GO, Battlerite and directly connects gamers and sponsors

GGPro's multi-million audience
Potential target audience of our project is more than 70 million of active Steam users

Global ecosystem
GGPro Services provide powerful capabilities for all platform users, connecting them in a unified global ecosystem

Implementation of Smart contract technology allows for secure interactions between gamers, sponsors and developers

Vladimir Sashenko CEO

Andrey Kochanov CTO & Developer

Andrey Oleynikov Blockchain App Developer

Vyacheslav Voronkov PR & Community

Zahar Maksimenko Lead Developer

Elizaveta Gvozdeva Lead Designer

Aleksandr Inozemcev Law Consultant

Roger Crook Strategy Advisor

Savio Gomez (Ph.D) Strategy Advisor

Nozomu Nakazato Japan Marketing Advisor

Saiteja Kuruva Sr.Blockchain Advisor

Laura Zaharia Marketing Advisor

Choi Namkyu Blockchain Advisor

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