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RENC P2P Car Sharing Platform

① Project name RENC P2P Car Sharing Platform
② Token name and ticker symbol RENC
③ "Used blockchain Ethereum
④ One line catch phrase Car Sharing Peer-to-Peer platform, Beneficial to both consumers and suppliers of car sharing
⑤ "Concept description 3 - 10 sentences" RENC is a car sharing service platform which anyone can participate in this platform anywhere and anytime globally, and an open source ecosystem.
⑥ How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects "RENC P2P sharing and blockchain project started with the interest in a shareable vehicle which can be available to share their resources with each other on the mobile platform.
P2P Carsharing provides a solution of the world from economic and environmental problems based on sharing consensus for each other's interests. The goal of RENC group is to contribute to the mutual growth of humanity."
⑦ Incorporated company's country Singapore
 Telegram channel or chat room link

⑧ "Team members
names, Twitter & LinkedIn links" Name/Surname/Position Linkedin/Twitter/Bitcointalk profile/Facebook (if available)
i. June Lee / CEO
ii. Brian Jeon / COO
iii. Lucas Kang / Top Engineer Lead
iv. Youngheon Kim / CTO
v. SeungGyu Choi / CFO
vi. Jin Mei / Community Manager
vii. Danny Too / Asia Pacific Chief Officer
viii. Salim Khan / Advisory Manager

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