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Orch Network ORC

Orch Network is a privacy-preserving decentralized zero-knowledge secure multicomputation platform for writing, testing and deploying mathematically verifiable secure cyber contracts (smart contracts), decentralized development of software and realtime decentralized applications that behave exactly as intended. Unlike Ethereum smart contracts with a history of repeated hacks and stolen funds, hundreds and millions of dollars, Orch ensures that no run time errors or intentional/unintentional bugs can be used as exploits to steal funds and corrupt Orch cyber contracts. Orch is an engine for launching numerous next-generation decentralized applications such as scalable decentralized organizations (DAOs), decentralized exchanges (DEXs), automated hedge funds and darkpools and so on.

Daniel Kamiski De Souza Co-founder & Senior Developer https://www.linkedin.com/in/prophetdaniel/
Arvind Sinc Senior Blockchain And Dapp Developer
Aditya Singh Full Stack Developer
Akshat Sharma Graphic Designer

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