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BOOSTO is both a protocol and a social token that returns power & freedom to creators & makers through the use of a decentralized app store. Creators (Influencers) team w/ Makers (Developers) to create personalized DApps so they can monetize their talents to their fanbase and earn income without the use of intrusive ads or sponsored content. All revenue generated via these DApps are split between the influencer & the developer! BOOSTO completely eliminates the middleman on both sides of the equation, as developers no longer have to split their profits with the app stores, and influencers no longer need to split their profits with the social media companies!

Heidi, CEO, Co-founder -
a serial entrepreneur, influencer marketing evangelist and AI enthusiast. An MBA graduate from Seattle University, she successfully founded Boostinsider at the end of 2014. As one of the few women leaders in blockchain adaptation, Heidi founded BOOSTO, an influencer driven decentralized app store that returns power to creators and makers. Heidi speaks to audiences around the world about the adaptation and the benefits of the blockchain.

Chen, Cofounder/CTO Blockchain Developer of BOOSTO -
Former WalmartLabs principal engineer and served in Microsoft cloud computing for six years. Computer Science master degrees from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Shanghai Jiaotong University with twelve years of working experience.

Rock, Head of product -
graduate from Stanford GSB. Former 360 Anchorfree senior product manager and Apus oversea BD director with 12 years of working experience.

Adam Charles, Marketing Manager -
Marketing Manager, former country manager for Adways USA where he helped grow their community to over 250k organic users while working with such famed franchises as Final Fantasy, Digimon, & Marvel Comics.

Reza Bakhshandeh, Token Design Architect/Blockchain developer and AI/Big Data expert. Software Engineering bachelor’s and AI master’s degrees from Shiraz University, Inventor of patent US9489401B1 with 14 years of working experience.

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