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LiveTalk Network is a direct broadcast platform is supported by the technology
Blockchain. Thanks to Blockchain it ensures the full hierarchy, high scalability and
open market allows to Live Stream the world over
LiveTalk Network consists of two completely decentralized market where innovators
can purchase content, Broadcast live free and free video sharing without the
centralized intermediary.
Decentralization fully guaranteed by technology and contracts Blockchain smart,
moderators and remove unnecessary intermediaries.
Example: A Streamer in America can live for live streaming over the world and may
establish regional broadcasting if he wants or a video provider can share their videos
to a worldwide world can share videos or to one specific area with just a few simple
All Streamer and video creators can agree to work together through intelligent
The advertising company can hire Broadcaster promote products their brand to
viewers on the platform, all of which must comply with laws and local statutes LiveTalk
posing as agreed to use communication.

Team Core: Alexander Thien
Hai Phan
Cocos Phong
Andrew Huy

Advisory: Antonio Sainz
Laura Zaharia
Roger Crook
Navdeep Garg
Tudorache Alexandru
Azamat Kurbanov
Dmitri Belkov
Andrey Korotkov

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