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MiMiner (PreICO)

MiMiner (center of equipment hosting)
Is a combination of specifically designed rooms, outdoor sites, associated utilities supporting systems and staff. This forms a common physical space and technology environment for mining equipment as well as readiness to operate 24/7.
Main service functions
Sale of new mining equipment, equipment’s host and setup, maintenance of equipment’s uninterrupted operation, service users support, equipment’s repair, intra-service equipment’s purchase and sale among users, maintenance of private blockchains, and MiMiner mining equipment full history service.
MIT purchaser receives a 54% - 61% discount for hosting services and/or MIT rental revenue. He also increases Token amount as the facility capacity is increased through future build outs (subsequent MIT issues).
The MiMiner project is built by MiMiner Pte. Ltd., a developer of mining service, which sells mining equipment and MIT Tokens to customers worldwide (designed capacity = 20 megawatt, where WT = 1 MIT Token). MIT Tokens give the right to use the MiMiner processing center's capacity rent-free for 49* years. When the facility capacity is increased (exceeds the projected capacity) Tokens (for new capacities) are proportionally distributed among MIT holders. Token owners who are not personally interested in mining or have spare Tokens can also rent them out.

Nikolay Kolyasnikov
Chief Technology Officer
Dmitriy Kolyasnikov
Chief Commercial Officer
Nikolay Kachin
Community Manager
Anna Romina
Financial Expert
Pavel Savrasov
Power Engineer
Alexander Semibratov
Web Developer
Oleg Kartashov
System Developer

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