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The main idea is to provide a broader range of people the benefits that come along with cryptocurrency mining. We have the best customer conditions in this industry – and we want to share them.
With an unique reinvestment plan we’re able to increase your investment fivefold, making it possible to mine even more Bitcoins every month. Our calculated ROI is 436% for the first year, even with current bad conditions!

Investing in cryptocurrencies efforts a lot of assets nowadays and can be quite risky. But we want to give everyone a chance to be a part of this movement, which will not only be the future of the finance industry, as well of many other economic structures just as the insurance, farming, and advertisement sector.
But as mining such coins is getting harder for private persons due to high electricity costs, shortage of miners and legal restrictions, we set our goal to provide this technology to everyone. But as building a mining farm and let the miners do their work isn't enough as we've seen, we've worked on a reinvestment plan to scale substantial profit numbers, no matter where market prices are moving.
As the Bitcoin raised enormously at the end of 2017, the interest of more people got to mine them instead of buying them directly, which led to a massive rise of the difficulty rate of every mineable coin on the market. Bitcoin difficulty increased by more than ten times in 2017.

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