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Accounting Blockchain

The future of accounting, saving businesses billions and sparing the individual sole reliance on expensive accountants.
Integrating blockchain into the industry streamlining the supply chain, saving money to businesses, and moving towards a healthier economy away from the risk of fraud and away from present gross accounting inefficiencies.
Owning TAB tokens gives access to three solutions to 3 problems in dire need to be tackled:
1. The Accounting Blockchain - providing a trusted common ground connecting businesses through triple entry and smart contracts;
2. AB Fingertips Suite - providing businesses with effortless integration of blockchain into their day to day business operations facilitating the use of crypto currency and smart contracts in their business, getting businesses future ready, efficient and trustworthy!
3. AB Taxavance - providing the ultimate solution for tracking crypto transactions and applying global tax expertes empowering the crypto trader with knowledge and awareness of tax implications of any trade while and even before doing trades, a 24/7 tax accountant at your fingertips!

Nathaniel Borg
Founder & CEO

Daniel Cutajar
Founder & COO

Christian Deguara

Steve Tendon
Blockchain Strategy Advisor

Karl Schranz
Tokenomics Leader

Christian Ellul
Legal Consultant

Franco Falzon
Tax & AML

Peter Borg
Accounting Compliance Specialist

David Seisun
Team Blockchain Leader

Matthew Croker
Scrum Master

Kris Cardona
Blockchain Strategic Expert

Dr. David Wain
Legal Consultant

Christopher Zerafa
Blockchain Researcher

Keith Seisun
Senior Business Systems Analyst

Keith Hili
Business Development Manager

Philipp Sauerborn
Financial Advisor

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