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FootballCoin (FBC) - is a custom token (utility-token) of the Sputnik Travel Platform intended for exchange on any of our Sputnik services within the services of the Sputnik Multi Tour platform, Sputnik Avia and Sputnik RTC.

Russia has a huge potential, both for the development of domestic tourism, and for the reception of foreign travelers. The "BST-Sputnik" company - one of the oldest and most experienced tour operators in the country and at the same time a dynamically developing company, in step with the times, intends to use this chance.
The Sputnik Travel Platform project is aimed at creating a digital infrastructure to attract tourists to Russia.
The released FootballCoin token (FBC) is directly tied to the growth of the market volume, which is predicted by experts and is known from the experience of previous championships.
The start tokens sales is timed to the start of the championship - June 14, 2018. We will hold a competition among participants of the pre-ICO and give two tickets and travel to the finals of the 2018 World Cup on an all-inclusive basis.

The World Cup, which is held in 2018 in Russia for the first time, is an enormous advertising campaign of the country as a tourism object. According to the estimates of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia - starting from next year, we should expect an almost explosive growth in the volume of inbound tourism.

Georgiy Grishin - Head of the project Chairman of the Board of Directors/ General management

Ekaterina Pogorelova - Head of legal department of the project Deputy of the Main Director/jurisprudence

Ilya Suldin - Head of IT department of the project, programmer

Roman Zhuravlev - Head of PR department of the project Deputy of the Main Director/ Head of the department of communication with aviation companies and hoteliers

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