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Kryptoin Token

The Kryptoin ETF System is a platform that allows for the creation of a digital token representing the valuation of a combination of cryptocurrencies belonging to the same set of blockchain nodes integrated to our application. The application requires the integration of blockchains due to the inherent security risks and transactional demands of a conventional ETF ecosystem. The smart contract is utilized to bind specific requirements of an in-kind exchange between an ETF Issuer and Authorized Participant. The product of such an exchange between the parties is a decentralized system.
Kryptoin ETF Tokens will behave like a traditional ETF found on a stock exchange. The underlying assets can be exchanged/traded at a Kryptoin Trading Desk or be liquidated on a digital exchange. ETFs and their indices can be created to be a benchmark for many niche markets arising all over the world.
The goal of the system is to create an ETF token system that will allow users, whom we anticipate will be Global Asset Managers and Individuals, to assemble creation units or indices to fit their specific investment objectives and preferences.

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