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Platonius aims to be a sustainable lending platform that creates value over time. To achieve this, we need to be unique, fast and sustainable. This is why we have decided to do everything differently than all other lending platforms that came before us, making sure our journey is that much bigger and that much better. Join us on our trip and be a part of the future. Platonius aims to be user-friendly by offering low fees and fast transactions and by providing you with a complete system that is ready to launch. We are sustainable by not offering interest in USD. We have decided to be safer, faster and cheaper by using Stellar as our primary interest payment method, not only because it matches our platform, but also because of the low fees and fast transaction times. Platonius believes that the value of PLAT will rise during our trip through space. To make this trip happen, we first need to distribute PLAT to our members. This the first phase for members to join is called the 'ICO' phase. You will buy PLAT at a pre-determined price during this phase. Platonius won't have two, three, four or five rounds—we will only have one round with one price. We have decided this so that the PLAT token will launch with a higher price on the external exchange. Platonius will not launch an internal exchange because it simply is not needed. We believe having an internal exchange will not help us grow in volume. We prefer to have members who can trust and rely on us. When we launch on an external exchange, Platonius will reach much more volume, meaning more people will get on board.

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