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EXotic Coin

EXC is a security to be issued under Regulation A, Tier 2, upon notice of effectiveness of Form
1-A, by CryptoStrip, INC (hereby known as CS) which is a Wyoming Corporation established on
4/2/18 under registration number 2018-000796700 (CORP).
• No sale of EXC is offered, nor is CS soliciting any offers to purchase EXC, under this white
paper. No EXC will be bought or sold until the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
issues a notice of effectiveness of CS’s Form 1-A.
• What is EXC? The first Global Exotic Dancing Club (hereby known as EDC) Token of its kind in
the industry.
• EXC proposed functions:
»» Club Contracts
»» ATM machine
»» Metal Debit Card
»» Cold Wallets
»» Marketplace
»» Philanthropy Projects
»» Passive Investment Income Opportunities
»» Customer Service Support
• EXC will be placed on multiple external exchanges within 30-45 days of the STO completing.
• EXC is on the ERC20 blockchain. https://etherscan.io/token/0x004904cb627fe62d46486c41a3d79f3cdf6b0460
• GitHub: https://github.com/CryptoStripInc/EXoticCoin
• USPTO Trademark ™ Application # 87859537 Pending
• EXC has partnered with different companies and persons for the debit card distribution,
website maintenance, merchant account, auditing, blockchain developing, payment processing,
financial transactions, and support for on-going internal / external technical issues.

George Leroe
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Robert Kenemer
Co Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Peter Metell
Chief Technology Officer
LaRon Hough
Chief Marketing Officer
Alfonso Clark
Chief Financial Officer
Support Staff
Steph Van Der Stap
Digital Marketing Director
Richard Gora Esq.
CS Legal Advisor
Angie Hudson
Marketplace Facilitator
Raymond Leroe III

David Drake
STO Advisor
Jared Polites
STO Advisor
Steven Krohn
STO Advisor
Adam Tracy Esq.
STO Advisor

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