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Immortal Business Assets

We are a team of professionals who have build over 500+ buildings in Poland, Czech Rep., Germany UK and Sweden. We build fast, affordable and high energy-efficient buildings. Our goal is to give everyone the ability to invest and benefit from the Poland real estate market. Our team, with over 20 years of experience dealing in real estate, has the knowledge, experience, network and the tools necessary to curate a portfolio of high-yielding properties with great potential for appreciation. Through our token, built on the Ethereum blockchain, you gain exposure to a multi-milion dollar market of commercial real estate by purchasing our IBA coins. IBA is a cryptocurrency that is backed by immortal, hard, vetted, appreciating assets. The net asset value of the real estate provides a floor for the value of the currency. However, beyond the returns generated on the real estate investments, by increasing the size of our network, and on-boarding merchants to accept IBAs as a viable form of payment, we believe we will ensure the value of IBA will soar far above the net asset value of the real estate assets.

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