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"We offer a new donation platform to make donations accessible to everyone with the help of blockchain technology. By increasing transparency in the flow of donations and building a community for sharing best practices in donations.

Our project started with a study of whether we can produce a new sense of values using a distributed ledger technology such as blockchain.The reason why we targeted donations is that donations ""require greater transparency and reliability"" and ""require delivering more donations to recipients by reducing fees and the burden on service operations,"" and these concepts have a high affinity with the concept of a blockchain. There are many remaining issues regarding blockchain, and we have to evaluate the target area to benefit from blockchain cautiously. The blockchain technology would become a just popular technology if you don't study whether the blockchain technology is really beneficial to this service.

The mission of this project is to provide a new sense of values using blockchain and to make the world a better place through investments in society. "

Kouhei Wada - CEO

Norihisa Tauchi - Financial Officer

Kouta Tanimura - Marketing Officer

Hirotoshi Sugiyama - Project Leader

Tomomi Wakino - Developer

Yoshihide Unohama - Developer

Moeko Nakano - Public Relations

Misato Kumatani - Public Relations

Takashi Kishima - Corporate Adviser

Other 10 engineers - Our team consists of engineers with experiences in other infrastructures, sever, application, blockchain, as well as researchers working on AI and gamification.

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