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Cruisebit Coin is crypto currency that represents digital value provided by blockchain technology. At present Cruisebit uses the
blockchain of "proof of work" for decentralization purposes. Cruisebit coin offers customers fast and effective transfers on any
electronic wallets existing on the platform. Cruisebit coin can create online ecosystem where potential investors and customers
can quickly and easily verifiably transfer funds.

Founder / Ceo / Director - NATHAN KEN SMITH

Co-Founder / Manager / Director - LIAM WILLIAMS

Supervisor Of The Team Of Administrators - NICHOLAS GREEN

Blockchain Expert, Supervisor User Blockchain Team - RICHARD WILSON

Legal Advisor - Dennis Thomoson

Audit Advisor - Sandra Jackson

Code & Development Supervisor iOS - RYAN ROBINSON

Android And Frontend Team - NATALIE HUGHES

Ux Expert, Supervisor User Experience Team - IAIN LEWIS

Blockchain Expert, Lead Blockchain Developer - CRAIG DAVIES

Computer Games /obil Games Developer - DONNA EVANS

Software Development Managers - JAMIE HALL

E Commerce Advisor - AMY HARRIS

Strategy Advisor - CAROL WRIGHT

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