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First blockchain based marketplace of trading algorithms

Tradingene is a blockchain-based platform designed to bring algorithm creators and investors together on an auction-based marketplace. We built Tradingene to meet investors’ and algorithm creators’ key requirements. Our project’s goals are: (i) to provide quality opportunities to retail investors who wish to invest using trading algorithms; (ii) to provide algorithm creators with opportunities to develop and test trading algorithms and attract capital; and (iii) to create the conditions for maximally efficient, transparent and profitable investment in trading algorithms.

Daniel L. Wolfe - CEO and Co-founder
Roman Burtsev - Business Development & Co-founder
Sergey Kuzmin - COO & Co-founder
Ruslan Mikhailov - Head of Market Research & Trading
Oleg Bashmurov - CTO
Ilona Ovsepyan - CAO

Tim Seymour - Investment Advisor
Sasha Ivanov - Blockchain advisor
Boris Kim - Strategy Advisor
Tomoya Suzuki - Machine Learning Advisor
Jill Richmond - Marketing advisor
Dan Valcu - Trading advisor
Aaron Smith - Investment Advisor
Stas Tikhonov - Investment Advisor

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