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PrivacyStake has seen cryptocurrency grow throughout the years. Since 2016 staking and lending platforms have become more popular. However, many are having issues with the legality of their platform. With cryptocurrency growing so fast the government is becoming a lot more involved. In 2018 lending platforms started getting a bad name after BitConnect and Davor shutdown their platforms because of government complaints. PrivacyStake is the solution to these problems. PrivacyStake aims to replace lending and staking platforms with something safer and faster. This includes safe transactions with minimal fees. Platforms that offer lending or staking are paying out investors who participate in the lending or staking service using USD or their own token. We believe that to make sure our legality and sustainability is 100% correct this is not the solution in the long run. PrivacyStake aims to be a 100% legal business where people and members are sure they are safe and anonymous from the government.

We are an anonymous platform.
Would love to give you our information but we can't, it will hurt our reputation in the long run.

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