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Audiences attending concerts and festivals are reaching record highs and are expected to generate in 2017 sales above 1,1 bn USD in Germany alone. As venue capacity is limited, concerts of particularly popular artists are sold out in hours if not in minutes. Additionally, access to live concerts is limited by several further factors. Concerts are dominantly performed in selective large cities and economically sound countries leaving fans in rural areas or non popular countries behind. The music industry could generate a substantial amount of higher revenues, if a larger audience could be reached.

The first blockchain based cross-platform marketplace for high-quality VR content from the music and entertainment sector.

Welcome to ConcertVR!

- Enjoy real concerts in Virtual Reality - in realtime or on demand at a time of your choice
- Once purchased, enjoy your content across any platform - on your smartphone, VR glasses, browser or SmartTV
- Choose from diferent camera perspectives, where you want to experience the concert from
- Search diferent categories and find your favorite artists and acts
- Buy individual songs or entire concerts simply by in-app purchase
- Enter a coupon code and enjoy selected content for free
- Let your friends know which concert you are watching via social media
- Experience their reactions in realtime in the app
- Invite friends directly during the concert and chat with them

If you want to keep updated with the latest news or have any further questions you can find us on Telegram at: Hope to see you there!

Sebastian Deyle - CEO -

Andreas Knuffman - CCO -

Frank Zahn - CDO -

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