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Nova Browser

Nova brings advertisers, publishers and users to a single platform wherein each participant enjoys maximum returns for his efforts. Interested users can register with Nova and participate in the decentralized ad network by turning on ads on the browser. When the user opens a website through the Nova browser, Nova displays targeted ads based on the page content. These ads are relevantly matched with user interests. As a reward for the user efforts, Nova issues NTK Coins for users. The best thing with Nova is that it calculates user attention using machine-learning algorithms, artificial intelligence and other techniques. By checking the duration of the view, pixels in range and other parameters, Nova calculates the attention level and rewards the consumer with NKT coins as a result. The user can spend these coins to purchase other services from Nova or redeem them. It means you earn while you browse. The work that you have been doing for years now brings rewards as well.

William Subhakar Talluri : CO White paper writer
Kulwant Singh : DAO / ICO Etherium smart contracts coder
Josh Batsman : ICO stack holder

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