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BeonBox inherits and develops the Ethereum technology platform, with open source P2P accelerates all transactions quickly, minimises risk, enhances high security, and does not involve any third parties. BeonBox has a clearly transparent development roadmap. All BeonBox wallet versions will be fully up to date where customers can secure on wallets or trade seamlessly on the world exchanges. BeonBox is covering 4 types of platforms and these platforms will be released after ICO stage by stage. These are Exchange Platform, Shopping Store Platform, Cashback Crediting and Finally Gaming Platform. Services are designed for all internet users from all nations. The users of Beonbox Platform will get high quality product and BeonBox payment will make these products more attractive and popular among users.

Lua Hian Beng (CEO)
Mr. Pavel Phakhomov (Back-end developer)
Ms. Suna Park(Community Manager)
Mr. Andrew Chew(Marketing and Public Relations)
Ms. Marina Khazanova(Representer)
Mr. Chul-Soon Gwok(Front-End Expert)

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