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Galaxy can be understood as an entertaining application to explore the creativity and offer different possibilities under Zeepin’s ecosystem. It’s a virtual universe that is empowered by blockchain and composed of countless planets. You can discover and fuel your own planet with ZPT or NEO.

Unlike traditional games, Galaxy is a virtual universe that will be turned into digital assets and operate under Zeepin Chain. You will be marveled at its infinite space to explore. Galaxy is composed of countless galaxies, which are closely connected to the nodes of blockchain. Meanwhile, there are millions of fascinating planets which are generated from the change of block heights.

Anyone who owns ZPT or NEO is allowed to activate the planet on Galaxy and become the owner of his planet by giving it a name; Planets belong to a certain galaxy while the block heights and nodes govern the exploitation of each galaxy. Each planet is unique in terms of color, block, meteor and day length. Besides that, it will cover the attributes such as population, city, technology progress and other factors.

Each planet is empowered by certain amount of GALA. Once activated, its host will be rewarded with random amount of GALA. Hosts can trade their planets in Galaxy Store and the value of a planet can be increased through daily operations.

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