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Realista is the first global real estate platform already available on iOS, Android and Web with over 20,000 registered agents.

With Realista, sellers can showcase their properties for free, agents can list property on the go, and buyers and renters have access to more property than ever before.

Realista is deploying Realista tokens (RET) as a mechanism to incentivise property content creation and solving the ‘slow start’ problem: fast-tracking the client side (buyers, renters and sellers) adoption and the agent side utilisation of the platform. RET will be integrated with Realista and agents will receive RET as a reward for referring a new agent. RET can be utilised as payment for their subscription and this will help stimulate a network effect with no barriers to entry on a global scale.

Alex McIntyre, Founder & CEO

Duncan McIntyre, Co-Founder & CMO

Nagib Bousaad, Head of Product Development

Dustin Wen, Head of Design

Bella Hohaus, Business Development Manager

Laura Donaldson, Public Relations Manager

Prabu Dass, Blockchain Advisor

Juan Otero, Blockchain & ICO Advisor

Sydney Ifergan, Marketing & SEO Expert

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