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Through the Vivid platform, we aim to consolidate every and all aspects of cryptocurrency discussions into one single application that's freely accessible on the go as well as at home. Our key features are the adding of a range of technical analysis tools to portfolios, as well as viewing these in real time, in 3D space through augmented reality. By being able to view your TA at every angle, we expect our user base to be able to learn about TAs more intricately. Adding community contributions in the forms of TAs and articles to the mix, truly allows for users to tap into the collective knowledge of crypto enthusiasts and professionals around the world. But Vivid isn't strictly about learning. We will also allow users to have some fun on days of incredible gains. For example, you can take your picture next to a 3D projected bull that appears to be pushing your greatest gain to the top of the list and share this immediately to your social medium of choice! Bragging has never been so easy or beautiful. Couple this all with a company that focuses on coping with any massive influx of new users to ensure uptime, Vivid will become the absolute go-to portfolio application for anyone that needs to stay up to date on his holdings at any time, anywhere.

Ian Nott​
Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Vivid

Ian’s passion is delivering product team leadership that results in combining various design philosophies, new technologies, and project management in order to create innovative products and services that solve real world needs.

Harrison D. Lee (​李裕裕)​
Chief Operating Officer at Vivid

Driven by enablement over technology, Harrison has immersed himself in AR over the last few years and previously led product launches for a subscription-based communications business as well as consumer Web and mobile apps in the social commerce and fashion tech spaces.

Sascha Neumann ​
Chief Product Officer at Vivid

Formerly at Reebok, Sascha’s passion is coding and design. His efforts in software design with a focus on project management and 3D UX for Mixed and Augmented Reality has led him to take human factor principles and logical development to new heights.

BJ Wahl ​
Full Stack Developer and Systems Architect at Vivid

Having spent over a decade at Sun, Bj is an engineer with an ardent desire to deliver innovative, yet user-friendly, solutions to complex customer problems. He also has significant experience scaling out production data centers in support of those solutions.

Benton Medlock ​
Director of Technical Analysis at Vivid

After nearly a decade of trading in the traditional commodities markets, Benton became passionate about cryptocurrencies in early 2016 and dedicated himself to becoming a successful trader and teacher. Benton also has been an active professional Firefighter Paramedic for 8 years, balancing his love for modeling the capitalist markets with his passion for helping others in emergency situations.

Haoshu Peng (​彭颢舒)​
IP and International Advisor at Vivid

Founder & President at Taovation LCC (上海颢玺信息科技服务有限公司), Haoshu is a seasoned intellectual property consultant with considerable experience in transborder relations. She is instrumental in providing clients with IP training, customized IP strategy development and tech transfer expertise to the Chinese marketplace.

Amanda Ying Guo (​郭莹)​
Chinese Market Cloud Computing Advisor at Vivid

Currently serving as Vice President of Overseas Business, Software and Innovation Business at Sugon (曙光), a supercomputer manufacturer in the People's Republic of China, Ying specializes in network functions virtualization (NFV) and big data analysis for smart city engagements. With previous roles which include Lenovo, HP, IBM, and Huawei, she has a wealth of experience managing salesforces in software and telecommunications selling.

Justin Mathews​
Digital Creative Advisor at Vivid

Currently, Chief Operations Officer at O3 World, Justin possesses over 18 years of demonstrated excellence in creating interactive digital experiences with concentrations on emerging technologies and innovation. He has a solid, proven history of producing, managing, and cultivating multi-million dollar accounts and projects with Top 50 advertising agencies as well as Fortune 5000 brands.

Marketing Partner at Vivid

Building and maintaining an online presence and media relationships throughout the growth of the company.

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