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Liquid Bonus

The Liquid Bonus® Loyalty is a global association targeting the retail, loyalty and discount businesses, eliminating country borders to serve retail customers around the world. With a successful proof-of-concept already in place and a number of essential partnerships underway, Liquid Bonus® Loyalty is announcing its first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in order to grow and develop its business worldwide.

The Liquid Bonus® Loyalty is a global, decentralized intermediary working to facilitate existing loyalty and discount programs, by:

• Overcoming the growing pains caused by the inability for customers to manage effectively more than 5-8 loyalty subscriptions;
• Developing a smart way to get rid of excessive liability caused from expiring proprietary loyalty points by converting them into interoperable LiqBo® tokens;
• Uniting loyalty and reward programs into a distributed, secure and unified medium;
• Allowing instant transfers of proprietary bonus points to interoperable LiqBo® tokens, and back, for an optional loyalty providers' conversion fee;
• Enforcing strict anonymity of all loyalty providers' data;
• Providing the highest level of security to protect transactions and data;
• Providing a common user-friendly mobile interface for every participating loyalty program.

All of these valuable features have been combined in one system, using the modern blockchain approach, while responding to retailer’s demands for fast transaction throughput. The use of state-of-the-art “SIDECHAIN with 2-WAY PEG” implementation means that the Liquid Bonus® Loyalty solution is a main contender for becoming the loyalty application of the future.
The unique Liquid Bonus® Loyalty tool for end-users fulfills all major social and reward needs of retail customers. With its comprehensive functionality and user-friendly mobile interface, it presents valuable advantages over other loyalty applications for retail users.

"All raised funds will go to the development of the best in class blockchain-based, decentralized, intermediary ecosystem for loyalty, aimed at serving retail customers all over the world”, said Julius Kuznetsov, founder and CEO of FINSTICK Innovations LLC, the initiator of the Liquid Bonus Loyalty project. "The Liquid Bonus Loyalty system will not be owned by FINSTICK Innovations or by any other Party. Instead, it will be operated based on consensus of participating brands and retailers forming a unique, global, loyalty infrastructure based on distributed ledger”.

Julius B. Kuznetsov - Founder & CEO (
Alexander Marinenko - Co-Founder & CTO (

Evgeny Ogorodnikov - Data Strategy Director, Head of Blockchain and CRM
Infrastructure Department (
Rene Barchi - Director, Business Development (
Irina Smelova - CFO (

Djellali Mokhtari - Payment Innovations (
Jane Strachey - Marketing and Communications (
Sergei Loukine - Conceptualization & Business Development (
Nicolas Lavabre - Payment & secure environment testing (
Alexey Smelov - Strategy, Business development

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