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SirioCoin is a new lending method based on Ethereum Blockchain.
We will launch 3 contracts Sirio, Sirio II, Sirio III
Each contract has its lending and refferal plan, but the main difference is on the privileges.

The contracts will be launched about six months from each other, on the day of the distribution of Sirio II whoever possesses Sirio will have added 0,50 Sirio II for each Sirio, the same with Sirio III (0.50 Sirio III for each Sirio). Whoever owns Sirio II on the day of the distribution of Sirio III will have 0,25 sirio III for each Sirio II.
In addition there are the privileges of community that we will announce later.

We have studied this method to make the "lending system" more stable, to make it last over time, and to revive it with every new distribution of a contract.

We are a team who think they have a good and above all a solid idea, made
to renew over time and therefore to last over time, with honest percentages
and verifiable coverage.

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